Sandoval Health Collaborative

Visit the Sandoval Health Collaborative website.

The Sandoval Health Collaborative was created to pull together resources available in our county to make our community the perfect place to lead a healthy life. The collaborative is guided by three objectives as listed below.


1. Grow Health Workforce

Position Rio Rancho as Regional Education hub

  • UNM W, CNM, Highlands classes expanding – HSC $20M plan
  • #1 career choice for Rio Rancho students
  • Market careers, requirements, aptitude and jobs locally and regionally

2. Recruit & Retain Jobs & Business

Health & Social Services

  • Pitching supply chain, local M.D.’s
  • 400 companies Sandoval Economic Alliance has contacted
  • Providers helping with news, facility tours
  • Health impact fact sheet

3. Improve Health Outcomes

Help Consumers Navigate Complex system

  • Creatively engage RRPS, BPS, NA schools in navigation and wellness messages
  • Design and market health digital portals
  • Strengthen patient-provider-community engagement (Medical & Behavioral)