Presbyterian Rust Medical Center

New Mexico’s First 21st Century Hospital

More than a year of researching, planning, and visiting hospitals around the country helped shape the innovative design of Presbyterian Rust Medical Center. From patient-centered rooms to advanced features in medical technology, Presbyterian Rust Medical Center is designed for you and your family — and a lifetime of care.


Photo Credit: Bergelectric

Presbyterian Rust Medical Center is the place where babies are born, where physicians heal, and where members of our community can go to feel better. This facility features:

  • The only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on Albuquerque’s Westside. The all-private rooms are designed to lower infections and control stimuli for these very critical babies.
  • A redesigned Emergency Department to decrease treatment time and triage patients to ensure appropriate care.
  • The first Advanced ICU in the state, combining the latest technology with skilled physicians and nurses who are both onsite and connected 24/7. Using sophisticated, real-time video feeds and communication tools, the Advanced ICU provides an extra layer of care to seriously ill patients.
  • Patient rooms designed for any level of care, including in-room procedures.