Business Park

Los Diamantes

Los Diamantes is a Masterplanned community that will provide a Live, Work, Play concept within the Unser Gateway area of Rio Rancho. This expansive site will be comprised of approximately 450 residential building lots, with a 60 acre business park close enough in proximity to facilitate walking to work. Los Diamantes is designed to achieve the goal of bringing more than 2000 jobs to the area. As stewards for the area, there is a strong community spirit here, which is why Los Diamantes will have 2 each 2-acre parks, walking and biking trails, as well as a 12-acre regional park with a pond. Because we want our residents and business members to feel comfortable and at home in this development, the 12-acre park is also slated to provide soccer fields for youth sporting events. In addition, there will be a small section dedicated for café, brew pub, and other community-promoting establishments. Finally, and of equal importance, Los Diamantes is located within walking and biking distance of the new elementary school just announced by Rio Rancho Public Schools.

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